My Original Statement of Interest (11/1/2007)

I desire to pursue a Ph.D. at a tier one research institution with a program that will support my interests in researching how technology can be used to support student learning and will help prepare me to teach other educators as well. With the rise of Web 2.o technologies, social networking and gaming, I am excited to begin research into the affordances of these technologies in relation to teaching and learning. Once past the novelty of playing with these tools (or perhaps there is also something to this play), how can educators design curriculum incorporating the use of these tools to increase student engagement in learning? I would like to investigate such questions and conduct further scholarship about hypermedia and multimedia in K-12 learning environments. I plan to research and publish on how students learn from their experiences with hypermedia and multimedia tools as well as the development of these tools for improving students learning. Finally, once completing my Ph.D., I want to continue researching educational technology as well as teach about this subject as a professor of Educational Psychology, Learning Technologies, or Teacher Education at a major university.

Current Interest (12/8/2008)

My interest is much the same today though with more focused attention on the aspects of multiplayer games which are engaging and could possibly be leveraged for upper elementary to high school educational settings. It is possible games could be developed to help learning in subject specific domains or that the engaging elements of good game design could be used in the design of classroom learning environments. Much is speculated and many are pushing into this field, yet much research can be done to support the theories that are being developed. For more information please look at my brief reviews for a History of the Field and the Current Field of research.